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Hi, I have rewatched your last video [ Show youtube player ] and your game, or better said your gem, is MIND BLOWING. I really hope you will find the time to release it sooner than later. It has such an Amiga feeling, from the graphics to the music, without forgetting the genre and the theme.

We are back in 1993 thanks to your contribution and who here doesn't like to go back in time? Your game could have been a MAJOR Amiga release and in the same magazines as Chaos Engine in face to face reviews.

Anyone who had an Amiga until it didn't die could tell today this must be an Amiga game. The Amiga simply has (I didn't write "had") the best games in this world. Not because it is true but because it is the Amiga. Wish you success with this project. I have no recommendation to make. Back in the day we took the games how they came and I am still fine with that. It's 1993 again, isn't it?
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Thank you so much for the comment! I will make sure that Magnus (the programmer) sees it as I know he loves it when people love the look of our game.

I really wished we could go back to 1993 with this, but alas, no such luck. I know that both Magnus and myself have always wanted to make an Amiga game of this size and so very soon we'll be ticking that off our bucket-lists.

A little word of warning though, this game will be tough. Not too tough as to crush your spirits, but a certain level of skill will be required to progress, the same kind of skills needed in Team 17 games, or in Chaos Engine. There's a lot in this game for those that wish to explore levels, or players can speed-run it too should they wish.
We're fine-tuning a LOT of stuff right now, play-testing upon play-testing. I am also tweaking some pixels that I am unhappy with (which drives Magnus NUTS! )

It won't be long before people can play it for themselves and either love it or hate it, but the most important thing for us is that we created it just the way we wanted

Thanks again
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Thank you for an update Wayne!
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we are still here and waiting like a wolf for your very amazing product, stay safe also
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