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Copper start problem

Hi all,

I have a hard time understanding the output from the DMA debugger, regarding the copper.

Here's parts of my copper list - it ends with a wait, and is followed by a sine table (this becomes important in the following).

  dc.w	$2001,$fffe  ; wait for VP >= $20 and HP >= $00
  dc.w	$0104,$0000  ; move $0000 to $dff104 BPLCON2 video
  dc.w	$0108,$0000  ; move $0000 to $dff108 BPL1MOD modulus odd planes
  dc.w	$010a,$0000  ; move $0000 to $dff10a BPL2MOD modulus even planes
  dc.w	$008e,$2c81  ; move $2c81 to $dff08e DIWSTRT upper left corner ($81,$2c)
  dc.w	$0090,$f4c1  ; move $f4c1 to $dff090 DIWSTOP (enable PAL trick)
  dc.w	$0090,$38c1  ; move $38c1 to $dff090 DIWSTOP (PAL trick) lower right corner ($1c1,$12c)
  dc.w	$0092,$0038  ; move $0038 to $dff092 DDFSTRT data fetch start at $38
  dc.w	$0094,$00d0  ; move $00d0 to $dff094 DDFSTOP data fetch stop at $d0

  dc.w	$2c01,$fffe  ; wait for VP >= $2c and HP >= $00
  dc.w	$0100,$2200  ; BPLCON0 enable 2 bitplanes, enable color burst

  dc.w	$00e0,$0000  ; BPL1PTH (high bit 16-31)
  dc.w	$00e2,$0000  ; BPL1PTL (low  bit 0-15)
  dc.w	$00e4,$0000  ; BPL2PTH (high bit 16-31)
  dc.w	$00e6,$0000  ; BPL2PTL (low bit 0-15)

  blk.w	1600/2,0     ; allocate 800 words

  dc.w	$2c01,$fffe  ; wait for VP >= $12c and HP >= $00
  dc.w	$0100,$0200  ; BPLCON0 disable bitplane - older PAL chips.
  dc.w	$ffff,$fffe  ; wait indefinitely - until next vertical blanking

  blk.w	656/2,0
When I enter the debugger and get the DMA output for scanline 0, I see that at HP=0, the copper has fetched 0x0077, which is the first word from the sine table.

Line: 00   0 HPOS 00   0:
 [00   0]  [01   1]  [02   2]  [03   3]  [04   4]  [05   5]  [06   6]  [07   7] 
 COP  1FE  RFS  1FE  COP  08C  RFS  1FE  COP  08C  RFS  1FE    CPU-RW           
     0077      FFFF      2001      FFFF      FFFE      FFFF      0C40           
 0001D954            0001D2CC            0001D2CE            0001D258           
 4620AA00  4620AC00  4620AE00  4620B000  4620B200  4620B400  4620B600  4620B800
As I understand it, a wait will require three bus cycles. Two for the command words, and an additional cycle when the beam position is reached.

However, I thought that after vertical blanking, the program counter for the copper would be reset back to COP1LCx.

So why do I see 0x0077 at HP=0x00 and not 0x2001?

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Wrong section, you need to post to Coder.Asm/Hardware or Support.WinUAE (being related to WinUAE DMA debugger).

Copper start (hpos=0,vpos=0) need one extra cycle before first instruction fetch.
As you can see 0077 go to NIL (COP 1FE)
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Toni Wilen
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Thats what real hardware does, it first reads from last address + 2 before it jumps to first address.
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Thank you both - and sorry for posting in the wrong section.
(maybe a mod can move it?)
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