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Issue with 68010 processor on A500

Hi guys,

I am completely new to the forum, been wanting an Amiga for years so have slowly been building myself up a system. I recently sent away my A500 rev 8 board to have 1mb RAM installed on the board to have 2mb with the trapdoor and the gentleman who did the upgrade for me had a 68010 processor which is now installed.

However, when I go into Sysinfo, the CPU is showing as a 68000 installed not a 68010 and have definitely seen screenshots of peoples 68010s registering on Sysinfo.

I'm a bit stumped. The CPU did come with a floppy of patches and tools, what look like patches for games too, but nothing it seems for any kind of installation. I have also read it should just be plug and play....

Any help would be much appreciated.
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what version of workbench and kickstart are you using?
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Yeah, it should show as 68010 in SysInfo and no tools or patches are needed so it sounds to me like you are still running with the 68000. WB's ShowConfig should also show that you have an 68010 so you could try that. This is with WB2.0+ and I'm not too familiar with 1.3 to know how it handles it, so that might also be the explanation.
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To be sure you really have a 68010 in your Amiga, you can also use a diverted way. Use JST (see post here). If the QuitKey is working, you have a 68010.

Download the following. Open a CLI, unpack, go the the FTA folder (where you unpacked it) and type :
jst61c FaeryTaleAdventure.slave QUITKEY=0x59
QuitKey set to F10 with 0x59.
And let us know

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Maybe an old version of sysinfo? Tried the latest? https://sysinfo.d0.se/

If it still shows 68000 (and as above no quitkey) maybe you got a chinese fake chip relabelled as an 010.
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I have an odd question: what does it say on the actual CPU?
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Why not call the guru to have a final answer?

   movec vbr,d0
If guru #4 then 68000, if guru #8 then 68010

[EDIT] Before anyone asks: on KS20+ they added a starting #8 on string, just ignore it, only last digit in the first number is significative.
And yes, rts is superfluous
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File Type: 68k vbr.68k (44 Bytes, 31 views)

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I gave vbr.68k a try under WinUAE with my 1.3 config (can easily change the CPU ).
Everything as expected
(even if Startup-Sequence is not executing entirely with 68020+ and there is more and more garbage characters counting from 68030+)

68000 : first part of guru ending with #4
68010, 20, 30, 40 & 60 : first part of guru ending with #8.

For sure the easiest way to try your CPU @Finntuitive.

Again ross is
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In any future encyclopedia entry for "Pointless Upgrade", next to it will be a picture of a 68010.

At *best* you'll get a few % performance improvement on some software, but usually you'll get nothing. The only reason to have a 68010 at all really is to enable virtualization features (Shapeshifter, some WHDLoad features, etc.). On the downside it will break some older software that expects to be able to use some "bug" features of the 68000, so you'll have to patch those to get those to work.

If you want a cheapo upgrade you're better off getting some of the super cheap upclocked 68000 setups out there, or some of the low end 68020/68030 cards.
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I disagree that it's pointless. Yes it is in terms of performance but being able to quit any whdload game is a great reason to do the upgrade.
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May be the technician broke the pins of the 68000 P8 and replace it with a 68000 P10, and there born the confusion...

(just a thinking)
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