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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I don't think so because interrupt code (DMAInt_Code) checks first if bit 7 is set (DRQ), more like it re-enables interrupts after transfer loop is done because during transfer loop those interrupts would be useless and only cause huge slowdown.
So bit 3 is level 2 interrupt enable?

Though the A-Max .amhd not working still probably isn't related to interrupts, because its code doesn't seem to use them. It writes %01000000 to board+$8080 in its init routine (lbC000354).
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In the A1000 + ComSpec SA-1000 won't boot thread, durniplot dumped memory from $F00000-$F07FFF and there's nothing there.

So the ROM must disappear from $F00000 at some point in the boot process. That makes sense, and would avoid having two possibly-clashing copies of ComspecSCSI.device in memory.

At what point in the boot process does Exec scan the $F00000 region for resident tags? If it's after all AutoConfig boards have been configured, that could explain how the SA-1000 knows when to map out its ROM. expansion.library writing to its base address register could trigger that. Also, the $F00000 ROM might remain unmapped until the next power-on. That would avoid needlessly loading Kickstart from HD on every reset. Real hardware test of that would be good of course.
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Toni Wilen
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$f00000 scan is done before autoconfig.

EDIT: It still seems to work if $f0 ROM is disabled when board is autoconfigured.

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