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Originally Posted by ninevoltz View Post

Is there any chance you would share your source code for your SCUMMVM-RTG or ZDOOM-RTG port? (Awesome work, by the way!) Maybe at github? Only reason I ask is because they both don't work correctly at the moment with the VA2000 video card, and having the source code might be helpful in figuring out why. The video is stuck at the top third of the screen, and is badly scrambled. I'm sure it's a problem with the VA2000 drivers, because it works fine with a RetinaZ3BLT graphics card, both using P96.

Any ideas?

(Also, in case you weren't aware, your private message box is too full to accept any private messages.)

Yep sure, I always used the same code for my RTG games. I used the CyberGFX API to get a pointer to the video bitmap and then did a blit (memcpy) straight into it with my game's graphics.


It's considered a 'low level' function so that's probably why the P96 emulation of this function isn't working for VA2000.

void OSystem_AmigaOS3::updateScreen() {
#ifndef NDEBUG
    debug(9, "OSystem_AmigaOS3::updateScreen()");
    static UBYTE* src;
    if (_mouseCursor.visible) {
    if (_overlayVisible) {
        UBYTE *base_address;
        APTR video_bitmap_handle = LockBitMapTags(_hardwareOverlayScreen->ViewPort.RasInfo->BitMap,
        									 LBMI_BASEADDRESS, (ULONG)&base_address,
        if (video_bitmap_handle) {
            CopyMemQuick((UBYTE*)_overlayscreen8.pixels, base_address, (_videoMode.overlayWidth * _videoMode.overlayHeight));
        	UnLockBitMap (video_bitmap_handle);
        	video_bitmap_handle = NULL;
    } else {
        if (_currentShakePos != _newShakePos) {
            // Set the 'dirty area' to black.
            memset(_tmpscreen.getBasePtr(0, (_videoMode.screenHeight - _newShakePos)), 0, (_videoMode.screenWidth * _newShakePos)); 
            src = (UBYTE*)_screen.getBasePtr(0, _newShakePos);
            byte *dst = (byte*)_tmpscreen.getBasePtr(0, 0);
            CopyMemQuick(src, dst, (_videoMode.screenWidth * (_videoMode.screenHeight - _newShakePos)));
            // Reset.
	        _currentShakePos = _newShakePos;
	        src = (UBYTE*)_tmpscreen.pixels;
        } else {
            src = (UBYTE*)_screen.pixels;

        UBYTE *base_address;
        APTR video_bitmap_handle = LockBitMapTags(_hardwareGameScreen->ViewPort.RasInfo->BitMap,
        									 LBMI_BASEADDRESS, (ULONG)&base_address,
        if (video_bitmap_handle) {
            CopyMemQuick(src, base_address, (_videoMode.screenWidth * _videoMode.screenHeight));
        	UnLockBitMap (video_bitmap_handle);
        	video_bitmap_handle = NULL;

    // Check whether the palette was changed.
	if (_paletteDirtyEnd != 0) {
    if (_mouseCursor.visible) {

The only other possible problem is that the wrong screen mode is open using VA2000, this is how I open a screen in ScummVM

struct Screen* OSystem_AmigaOS3::createHardwareScreen(uint width, uint height) {

    // Create the hardware screen.
    struct Screen* screen = NULL;
    ULONG modeId = INVALID_ID;
	modeId = BestCModeIDTags(
        		CYBRBIDTG_NominalWidth, width,
        		CYBRBIDTG_NominalHeight, height,

	// Verify the mode choosen.
	if (modeId != INVALID_ID) {
    	if (GetCyberIDAttr(CYBRIDATTR_DEPTH, modeId) != CGX_VIDEO_DEPTH) {
    		modeId = INVALID_ID;
    	if (GetCyberIDAttr(CYBRIDATTR_WIDTH, modeId) != width) {
    	   modeId = INVALID_ID;
    	if (GetCyberIDAttr(CYBRIDATTR_HEIGHT, modeId) != height) {
    	   modeId = INVALID_ID;

	if (modeId == INVALID_ID) {
		warning("Couldn't find a Screen Mode for requested mode");

    if (modeId != INVALID_ID) {
    	screen = OpenScreenTags(NULL,
                         SA_Depth, CGX_VIDEO_DEPTH,
                         SA_DisplayID, modeId,
                         SA_Width, width,
    					 SA_Height, height,
                         SA_Quiet, TRUE,
    					 SA_ShowTitle, FALSE,
    					 SA_Draggable, FALSE,
                         SA_Exclusive, TRUE,
    					 SA_AutoScroll, FALSE,

    return screen;
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Just in time for the holidays, the final release of ScummVM 2.0 is here!


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