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Popular Music

Listen to this shite >
[ Show youtube player ]
- And Compare it to this >
[ Show youtube player ]
- and tell me that the original does not totally kick arse over the over-compressed under-produced remake!

There is too much compression used in modern recordings is where the problem lies in my ever so humble opinion, tell me what you think :P
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Yes and No, music is very subjective and yes I do prefer the original version but Kirsten Dunst did a fine cover and it doesn't hurt that she is fine to look at in the video too.

So did anybody cover Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles ?

Also I do have to state that there is a cover of a classic tune where I do believe the original writer of that tune stated the cover version was better.

This was when Jimi Hendrix covered All Along the Watchtower by Bob Dylan
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Old 06 November 2017, 18:39   #3
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Very subjective indeed, so much that I don't think too highly of any of the versions; they both sound abominable to me irrespective of the production quality

That having been said, the general aesthetics of the cover video are unbearably unpleasant, and on that account alone I'm declaring the original a circumstantial winner.
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Ugh. The original just flows naturally like the song was meant to be that way and that makes it a proper rock song. The rehash can only fail to do the same as it didn't come from artistic inspiration, it just came from some strange unnecessary need to do the exact same song again :/

At least try to do something original with it like turn it into a different genre of music! But nope: Kirsten Dunst with blue hair (which looks great on her, I'll give her that) in a miniskirt is apparently where the artistic vision peaked.
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I don't even think doing something original is necessary. The way I see it, what truly makes all the difference in the world is the personal style of every musician, assuming them to be musicians indeed, which unfortunately isn't the case for everyone who gets to record an album.

Was there really any legitimate need for another [ Show youtube player ] ? nope; it was already as good as it's ever going to be. Does Laura Branigan switch genre to justify her cover of the song? not at all, but boy does she rock that tune.
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