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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
One of the hardest tricks is getting nice chord samples to loop properly without sounding like "dingdingdingding," Huelsbeck even complained about that.
I would say it depends on if you do the chord samples yourself of use existing ones. With existing samples you need some luck or maybe there isn`t a good loop point. If you do your own chord samples and want to use them as loop you "build" them in a proper way. Alternative you need to play bad looped samples parallel with others, so you don`t hear the bad loop.

For 2 channel music there is not much to trick around. Beside a good sample selection I only know the mod2samp "trick" to get 4 channels into 1. If the player routine is good then it just overwrites the music. So you can use all 4 channels for music and if a effect sound happens it get priority. phx has released his player routine here some years ago that is intelligent. The game BabeAnoid uses 2 channel protracker mods for ingame music + 2 channels for sound effects. While no effect sample is playing you can use all channels. With some "clever" usage the music won`t sound interrupted.
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