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I have a recommendation: In post 1 of this thread (@B14ck W01f) - maybe we can make it be an information dump, like a landing page for quick info. Links to working uae configuration files, step by step instructions to get the most (install cwb 3.9, grab the warpup/powerup libs with links, install instructions step by step, how to get various software to work, etc). I know I certainly would benefit from this And I'd be happy to contribute. Anyone else think this would be worthwhile?
That is a great idea!

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
@All, here is where you can BUY AmigaOS4.1 classic!
Hmm... Converting the UK price to Australian Dollars, that translates to $146.69, but I think that's far too much for me. I should wait until the price drops or head on over to eBay.
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