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adf to floppy help needed

I am using a 1200 and a workbench 3 disk. I have followed a tutorial on adf to floppy but I'm still struggling.

I have an adf as .rar on floppy disk. I can read this disk on the 1200.

I have lha_68020 in the C directory (does this need to be renamed to just 'lha'?) on the workbench disk and also adfblitzer.lha in the utilities drawer.

I am unsure how to unarchive adfblitzer, the adf and subsequently unpack the adf onto a floppy.

The workbench disk is 100% full so when I unarchive adfblitzer and presumably replace adfblitzer.lha with it I may run into problems?

I know i need a command line from the dosprompt something like

lha -e <location> <file> <destination> <file>

and that the RAM disk will need to be involved. Problems with HD which i've asked about in a separate post so this is the only option at the moment. Any help appreciated.
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