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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
Does this mean we will get an "Accelerator" option under "Expansions"? Along with correct frequencies and stuff?
First question: Something like that, probably named differently because it is just a memory mapping/autoconfig/maprom emulation and not restricted to "real" Blizzard CPU model (as long as autoconfig ROM code does not care), so weird combinations like 68020 + Blizzard 1230 "memory board" should also work.

Second question: NO. ERROR: Wrong question error.

Since you also do emulate some SCSI interfaces for Amiga, this means we might someday see also "Blizzard SCSI kit" support?
I thought about it but I don't think so. It uses SCSI chip that is not used in any other expansions (NCR/Symbios 53C94. Which is completely different than 53C710)
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