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Trying to run RoadShow

I've just downloaded it and I can't get it to work. I was using on my A1200 the Pcmcia with Wifi and Prism2.device and Genesis before without problems. I've got some doubts:

-Shall I first delete something of my previous config?

-In Devs/NetInterfaces I've copied from storage Prism2 and edited it with
address= (my gate), netmask and in Devs/Internet/Router default, that is my static IP, although I don't understand why I must edit this as I've got it configured with Genesis.

In the s-s I had and keep with SetPrism2Defaults SSID Orange-D0B3 TEXTKEY xxxx.
When configuring Genesis I'm selecting to use device, Networks/ppp-ethernet.device. Is that right for Pcmcia Wifi? Didn't I should delete that line from the s-s and add that info to the ppp-ethernet.device somehow?

If I start Genesis it says Could not launch AmiTCP kernel.

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