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Wizard Warz

Originally posted by fiath

We have *always* said we will not provide the games from the site. Look at the FAQ (and elsewhere)! We are not an Amiga game download site - we are just behind the technology!

We do not have permission to host the games for a start. There is no point risking CAPS over some stupid copyright dispute!

As for rarities: I don't think there exists even a crack of Wizard Warz, it is "hyper rare".

I can't see any trick played on anyone. I have NEVER said we would be offering games to people. Does WHDLoad pages offer games to download?

Believe me, CAPS releases will be easy enough to get very soon.

Dumps database: You have taken that the wrong way. But I agree it is misleading - I will change it. It means a database of all games we have dumps for. Information about them - not the games themselves!
I have it cracked here, and a WHDLoad version, I just thought the game was so shit that no-one would remark its non-release!

No offence, but I think a more 'ground breaking' game would have been in order instead of Canvas Softwares 'non tour de force'!!
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