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amiga 4000/40 video issues

recently picked up a amiga lot with an amiga 1000, 3000 and 4000 and 2 amiga monitors. oddly enough none of the amigas display through the 2 monitors rgb port but the composite useing the A1000 works fine on both (they are in fact amiga 15mhtz monitors) this left me not knowing if the a4000 is working. so i ran to storage and pulled my confirmed working 1084s monitor. the a3000 displayed perfect through rgb on it but when i hooked up the a4000 all i got was a crazy horizonal moving lines.

there is very little corrosion around the battery (i removed the batt) and it doesnt look like theres any damage so i don't think thats the issue. there is a mac emulation card installed on this machine and i think i read somewhere if its not confg. properly it can cause issues.

any ideas? what would be my cheapest route for an alternate video option as i would really like to get this machine running.
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