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Originally Posted by JLPedro View Post
I am interested in the CPC 6128 if you can ship it to Portugal, pending on total price also (my pockets are very short). A pic or two would be nice.

Edit: the only two way's i know to conect the CPC is with an amstrad cpc monitor or an RGB to scart cable, but i'm willing to take it even untested.
Thanks Pedro. I looked at what you said and it seems what I needed was scart to 6 pin din. Couldent see anywhere to connect RGB to the computer.

I will take some pictures later for you but be warned its not pretty, yellowed keys and has some paint splash's.

Originally Posted by scrappysphinx View Post
to find out if the amiga has a hard drive just turn it on and see if it boots into workbench and to find out if it has an expansion just pull the cover off on the bottom of the amiga and see if anything is connected to the expansion port
Thanks for that. As Ralph Wiggum would say "Im learnding". Amiga does not boot to workbench but then I read earlier they dont always if they dont spin fast enough? has to be reset or something. I'll check the expansion port later when the kids are in bed.

Many thanks
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