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Originally Posted by imstarryeyed View Post
I bought one of these SD Card emulators from some fellow in AtariAge and it works like aces. I too have the dilemma in how I could make it work with an external floppy port?
Hi imstarryeyed, and welcome to EAB!

To use one of those floppy drive emulators, you just need to make it respond to the appropriate Drive Select signal.

When mounted internally, it responds to the Drive Select 0 (DS0) signal. When you have it connected as an external drive you just need to get it to respond to the Drive Select 1 (DS1) signal (assuming you wish to configure it as DF1: ) by wiring the DS1 line to the DS0 connection on the emulator.

To find out the details of these connections you will need to seek out the internal drive data pinouts as well as those of the external floppy drive connector.
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