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Ref: Elite v2.0 (Mr.Micro)

If you deal in dodgy items (slaves, narcotics, weapons), then you automatically attract the attention of the police and pirate ships.

Before you hyperspace anywhere, check out the information on the planet system you are jumping to. If its anarchy, and you are dealing with any of those items, then you will be intercepted.

Similarly, the reason why you get picked up by Thargoid ships in mid hyperspace is for the same reason.

Try to pick your planets carefully. If there is a planet selling alloys dead cheap, and there is a planet nearby that is not industrial, chances are you will make a lot of money when you trade with them (you obviously wont know till you hyperspace there)

Use the available information before you leave a system so that you know where to fly to.

When you can afford it, get a front Military laser, then, you can deal with whatever you like because it will destroy a Thargoid ship before it releases the smaller ships.

Then, when you have more money, get a Naval Power unit which will enable your military laser to fire for longer, so if you are dealing in some really dodgy shit, you will still be able to take three-four Thargoid ships out without breaking a sweat.

Hope thats of some use.
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