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Monochrome and 8 bit

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Cyberstorm PPC/060 - not working


Having installed the base softare, I transplanted the CCS PPC...


The A4K has a Vybervision64/3D c/w scandoubler and flicker fixer. Without a hard disk, it shows the WB workscreen on my PC monitor.

With the CCS, the screen is black.

I need to check using a 15KHz monitor plugged into the video port - but cant. I have read somewhere that the boot-menu can be promoted to 31KHz under KS 1, but for the life of me cannot find the page with the key sequence (something like CTRL-LAmiga-Backspace)? Anyone know the keys, or webpage?

Have tried pressing the ESC key. Nothing. The power light stays gree, the caps lock key can be pressed on/off, but thats it...

The SIMMS are known working (from the warp engine), jumper is set to EXT. Hard disk is fitted, with 68060 library.. what else can I check?
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