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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
The DF0/DF1 adapter from AmigaKit has machined/turned pins for plugging in to the CIA socket (although, it uses dual blade socket for putting your CIA chip on to) . If your CIA socket is a normal single/dual wipe one then trying to get the machine/turned pins in to the blade sockets can be a challenge and there is not much tolerance.

I'm not sure why the adapter uses machined/turned pins, but for the two adapters I had purchased, I had issues with putting it into the CIA blade sockets and had to push harder that I was comfortable with to get it to go in. I'm sure that CIA socket blades are now probably not useable for putting the CIA chip back in as they blades are probably bent too much now.
This was my issue, but mine wouldnt go anywhere near fitting into the socket. a standard turned pin socket wouldnt fit either, so I gave up before any damage occurred and put the CIA back in.

I was chatting to a nice chap at AmigaKit earlier in the week about it because support had suggested trying a bladed socket, only I didnt have any and I forgot to add one on when I placed an order with them last week. so they sent me one out. I havent tried it yet as it only arrived this afternoon, but im optimistic. However they said that if this causes me any trouble, to send it back and they'll replace the pins on the board.

Very kind, thanks for the help AmigaKit
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