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I think barring Alien Breed, Team 17 games were all very over rated.

Superfrog is being the worst of them.
I prefer Bitmap Brothers games by a mile (even if they were sometimes using 17fps/16 colors direct ST port...), but Team 17 games were technically impressive. Unfortunately, the gameplay wasn't the best. I enjoyed superfrog because of the huge levels & varied gfx, but gameplay was bland, I agree.

The hardest to do is to reuse some asm routine for another game. To gain speed, one can be tempted to hack stuff / tailor for the game you're creating, and it's difficult to create a "generic" set of routines (specially in asm) that you can reuse.

mcgeezer I wish you a lot of luck for your project. you're a realistic guy who knows what he's doing and ends what he starts. I know we're cursing asm, but c/c++ adds a lot more overhead if you don't use the proper options. For instance my bagman executable is 1MB once stripped...
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