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Originally Posted by mcgeezer View Post
this is despite reading the scrolling tricks docs.

Run the examples (all, not just the one whose techinque you want to use) in the archive with HOW param to see what happens during scrolls to the fillup columns/rows. Add option to your code for similar feature (always display same address on screen -> ignore scroll position). Compare.

Horizontal scrolls affect vertical fillup row when X pos goes over 16 pixel boundary.
Vertical scrolls affect horizontal fillup columnn Y pos goes over 16 pixel boundary.
(Assuming tilesize 16x16)

In video it looks like horizontal fillupow column is built in the reverse direction (when scroling right it builds up from bottom to top, instead of top to bottom).

For testing it may help to have a simple tilemap where you have one screen full of red tiles, to the right one screen full of green tiles, to the bottom one screen full of blue tiles. Something like that.

If there are bugs they should likely be visible soon even when scrolling only small parts of the tilemap. Scroll a bit to the right. Then keep scrolling to the bottom for a bit
longer. Then some more to the right. And to the left again. And then to top.
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