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adh3:cyberscsi/unitcontrol device=cybppc.device unit=0 period=20 WIDE Asynchron=0
This is what I have for CSPPC in my startup-sequence, Fastlane should be similar like:
adh3:cyberscsi/unitcontrol device=z3scsi.device unit=0 period=10 Asynchron=0

Yeah some cards don't like certain slots or orders and I would guess that certain cards allocate space before other cards and that causes a problem. As in X Zorro card just takes a chunk of memory without checking if something else already allocated it.
If you intend to fill all of the slots up then hopefully you have a set of cards which play nicely. Like in one of my A4000s I have:
Z-4: Piccolo
Z-3: A4091
Z-2: DKB 3128
Z-1: Sunrise AD516
Just lucky that it worked in this order as I couldn't put say a Fastlane in the top slot. But if I put it in the 3rd slot, the drive cable interferes with the board above it. But the A4091 doesn't like the top slot either but it all works this way.
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