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I'd say the Copper list splits all depend on what else you're doing with the Copper. Many games that use a Copper split for vertical scrolling limit (or even abstain from) other Copper trickery, which makes it a lot easier to work out how the Copper list ought to work. My suggestion would be to start from a position of not doing any Copper tricks until the system works.

Generally, I find it much easier to do stuff like this by splitting it into it's separate components. Horizontal and vertical scrolling can be seen as two different problems to solve. Similarly, getting the correct tiles on the screen for horizontal and vertical scrolling are also separate components. To me thinking and implementing each of these four elements individually makes everything much easier to follow than trying to write it all at the same time.

I'd start with just working out the vertical Copper split scroll as that is the most complicated part of this type of scrolling. Then, after that works, I'd add in the vertical part of the tilemap. Then horizontal scrolling/tilemap.
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