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multi-directional playfields

Damn these things are hard to get right.

Very frustrated, you think you have it then you don't. I've been on with this for a couple of weeks now and it's proving a challenge... this is despite reading the scrolling tricks docs.

If I can do it then I can unlock some better platformer games. (Rolling Thunder, Shinobi and that sort).

The odd dirty tiles I can live with as I know how to sort them... the problem is the map stitching when I move lower into the map and along the x-axis goes tits up.

Very frustrating...

--- sorry...this is just a rant ---

[ Show youtube player ]

Did other coders find this hard to do, or am I just being simple? The tile map is arbitrary so I've set it to 80x80 tiles. It's using copper video splitting as well.

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