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Originally Posted by phx View Post
Using sprites for the main character has never been an option to me in the past, because their display priority is limited to foreground or background. Theoretically you can also place them between two independant playfields, but I always wanted my OCS games with 32 colors. When using background- and foreground-tiles it becomes impossible to render a sprite between those tiles.

I'm using sprites a lot for displaying scores and parallax layers, though.
For platform games at least, usually the games that most impressed people had Dual Playfield + Sprite for main character and HUD overlay (score, lives, etc). Lionheart, Mr. Nutz, Turrican 3, both Chuck Rock games,

I've seen some games using both the Back and Front playfield to draw enemies, so you could either use the back palette or the front palette for them (I think the Chuck Rock games do that, not 100% sure though).

Or, yes, you do the 32 colors thing and forget about dual-field parallax (Ruff 'n' Tumble, Superfrog).

Turrican 2 would switch between modes, though I think in "single" playfield mode the bitmap was always at 16 colors anyway. It's really funny to see the last boss on that game when the tiles on the background "switches" its colors in real time while the game switches from single playfield to dual playield to allow the big boss to appear as a single bitmap on the background. That was some really smart coding there.
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