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DF0: / DF1: Floppy Drive Boot Selector Switch A500 / A2000

DF0: / DF1: Floppy Drive Boot Selector Switch A500 / A2000

Use the switch to enable the external floppy disk drive(DF1 as the boot device. The DF1: device drive is then used as if it were the internal DF0: drive and the internal drive is disabled. Switching back restores the internal drive as the DF0: boot device and the external disk drive as DF1:

Compatible with Amiga Gotek drives.

Suitable for the Amiga 500, 500+, 1500 and 2000 only.

Installation is a straight forward process:

1) Remove the Even CIA chip (marked 8520A) from it's socket on motherboard. Note the half-circle notch on one side of the chip which shows the orientation it should be installed.
2) Plug the CIA chip into the socket on the boot selector adapter.
3) Plug the boot selector into the empty 48-pin socket of the CIA chip with same orientation using the notch of the CIA chip.

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