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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
I thought the AmiTCP tools worked with interface names and not device names.
No, they work on the device names, too.

I just checked the public source code for AmiTCP 3.0b2 (on Aminet as "AmiTCP-src-30b2.lha"). The AmiTCP online/offline command (it's the same command, actually, it just figures out that to do by checking its own name) does the same what my rewrites will do, and they also show proper error messages.

The Commodore versions of the online/offline commands included in the final published SANA-II archive, which can be found on Aminet as "sana2_v2.lha", do not show proper error messages, though. In my comments regarding the commands and their functionality, I compared my new versions against the Commodore versions, not the AmiTCP versions.

Edited to add: If the online/offline command worked on the TCP/IP stack's interface names rather than only the device driver names, then that would be even cooler. Just made a note to look into doing this with a minimum of fuss.

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