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Originally Posted by jonathan View Post
I uploaded the Amiga Developer Support Europe Sweden 1991 at bombjacks site.
Good job Jonathan! I'm so happy seeing that this kind of (boring) job is shared by someone else too! Thank you so much for helping in preserving these books.
One note (if I may): your scan does not have bookmark entries. I usually do that in order to give a full overview about the book. I don't have clear whether in your case this would applicable (I don't understand much of Swedish language).

Originally Posted by jonathan View Post
BTW Jman - I noticed bombjack gave you the creds for scanning this - enjoy
Yeah, I've noticed :-)) I wrote about that to Bombjack, maybe this will be fixed as his time allows.

Originally Posted by jonathan View Post
Also, jman, check out the superb free software program scan tailor, It made magic with cleaning up the scans.
I've checked your scans and I'm happy to see that you compressed the singles images in TIFF using JBIG2 codec. Recently I've experimented a bit and that is the best result I could obtain (see my last scan).

I want to re-scan my previous two books in order to apply my new workflow: that'll increase quality and decrease size.

Thank you also for suggesting that software you mentioned, it might reduce the huge amount of time it currently takes to me!
My current workflow basically is:
- scan with Ubuntu "Simple Scan" application and save each page in PNG lossless
- a batch script use Imagemagick to convert all pages to black+white (2 color), resave in TIFF with codec CCITT
- Open each image with GIMP, clean as much as possible
- Drag and drop all images into Adobe Acrobat that does a lot of magic (image fitting, OCR, ...), PDF is created. Resave PDF optimizing TIFF with JBIG2 codec.
- Create detailed bookmark entries (again with Adobe Acrobat)

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