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Differences between assemblers will give errors, basically for all sources "not made for your assembler flavor". The Player source is special in that it uses loads of conditionals and a few macros, and these features might not be supported or need to be written in another way to be used in your assembler. Same thing if someone releases a Devpac source and uses features not found in say, AsmOne or PhxAss.

The most common complaint about The Player sources is the structures macros.

Have you set ASMONE=0, to start with? This attempts to replace AsmOne macros with other flavors.

If there are remaining differences you'll have to reconcile them, or you could rip out the Scope routine+a few vars added for it at the end of the source and see if it talks to P6106.

Or check what it does and modify it to talk to Protracker, that would be ace
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