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The main problem seems to be that this doesn't work from Workbench. It does work when you boot without a startup-sequence.

Make the follwing script:
assign wis: system:temp/wiz
assign env: wis:
assign fonts: wis:fonts add
assign libs: wis:libs add
assign devs: wis:devs add
assign c: wis:c add
cd wis:
Make sure system:temp (first line) is where the wiz folder is, or this won't work. Save this script to system:c as wis Now boot your Amiga without a startup-sequence. Type protect c:wis +srwed This tells the system that the file is an executable script.

From now you should be able to run the game by booting without a startup-sequence and just typing c:wis, no need to repeat the above instructions each time

Note that I've tested all of this with WinUae with Classic Workbench, and it works fine here. If it doesn't, then there's probably just a small error some where, don't worry, this method works.

If this seems complex, then know that this game is simply not designed to run from Workbench, and that there is no other way to get it to work other then methods like this

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