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Ok guys. Update!

Good news - The new Electroware PSU has arrived from Poland and works as it should.

Bad news - The Amiga still refuses to boot. So, I opened it up again and after process of elimination and whatnot, I fired it up again and I got a flashing green screen which a search suggests Chip RAM issues. Damn! I was worried for a while my Amiga was dying. But then, after double-checking (for the umpteenth time) the Kickstart chips, I tried booting again without the accelerator but with the IDE flash drive connected and the system boots!

I tried it a few more times just to be sure, and yep, the machine boots to my CF Workbench installation no problem.

Tried removing the RTC module from the accelerator and trying with it again, no boot.

So definitely a faulty accelerator card - which is a shame. I bought it new from Amigakit just 3 and a half years ago.

I don't suppose anyone knows if there is a way to repair this card, or do I need to save up for a new accelerator?

Workbench with 2meg Chip and nothing else is certainly no fun
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