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I can start the OS leaving both PUP and WOS libraries if I remove the wallpaper picture, a standard jpeg file... I didn't know that it was the cause of the hang.
In reality is the "desktop background program" running just when OS is booting up: It has no time to fully load all stuff, so you can't even see the "switch message" popping out.

If I start the system without BPPCFix and with PUP/WOS libs I receive the alert message. If I click on terminate I am able to use the system and if I click on continue (or cancel, I don't remember exactly) the system hangs.
Terminate means "disable/kill PUP lib" so warpos libs can load. Don't remember exactly about continue or cancel.......did "cancel" meant "don't remove PUP lib" ??? If it's that, warpos cannot be run and that could be a problem.

@greg talks about ppc.library -> you should not have a ppc.library in libs.

ppc.library belongs to PowerUP: Really few programs use this kernel. PUP is dead for almost two decades. Remove ppc.library (or whatever "really old" datatype of that kind). It should never be in your system libs. There are other ways to emulate PUP on top of Warpos.

Remember that still "the other" ppc.library is waiting "background" when you boot and is done automatically by the ppc cards. PPCFix removes/disables it at the time you boot.

However if I click on terminate I face weird errors like a "RAMLIB program failure"
I never had a problem with it (increasing stack). Maybe because I had a 68040 and it was simpler than leading with 68060 libs configs at boot time.

Also, just when you start the machine you can go directly to the ppc card boot screen to see if something needs to be changed. Pressing "2" key if I remember well.....but that is another war.

ppclibemu_install NAME LIBS: ppc.library CLOSE
ppclibemul_install why ????
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