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Originally Posted by Cowcat View Post
More edit:
What you say: That could be what I said about a ppc program loading a ppc.datatype. OS 3.9 had that problem hanging the system right away. Voila, no problem when the warpos libs (powerpc.lib, warp.lib) are removed.....instead better look for those datatypes.

PUP/WOS libs can't collide per se, because there's always a message telling what is the situation.
You are perfectly right.
I can start the OS leaving both PUP and WOS libraries if I remove the wallpaper picture, a standard jpeg file... I didn't know that it was the cause of the hang.

If I start the system without BPPCFix and with PUP/WOS libs I receive the alert message. If I click on terminate I am able to use the system and if I click on continue (or cancel, I don't remember exactly) the system hangs.

However if I click on terminate I face weird errors like a "RAMLIB program failure" when I do a normal thing like opening "AmitradeCenter" or just browsing through folders.

I had to put back on my Startup-Sequence the BPPCFix and ppclib emulation lines in order to have again a stable OS... that's weird I think...

As per the WarpOS programs... is there any program I can try to see if my configuration works?
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