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Cheers all! Response has been larger and much more positive than I expected - a QTE/FMV game was never going to set the Amiga world alight, but I've nonetheless been pleased to see people have been enjoying it for what it is.

Time for a quick media roundup:

Covered on IndieRetroNews, MO5, Generation Amiga, RetroMania.

Videos featured on Saberman's channel [ Show youtube player ] channel, Petsajim's channel, [ Show youtube player ]channel, Amitopia [ Show youtube player ].

Amiga Bill livestreamed [ Show youtube player ] the premier of the OCS beta version over a month ago, and featured the release AGA version on his stream today stream today (he's also uploaded a version of the stream that's just the Road Avenger part). As a happy coincidence, Amiten and Ms Mad Lemon featured the game on their show immediately afterwards, and I happened to be around to give a live interview [ Show youtube player ].

(Or at least, I think that happened! The video above seems to be the last two hours of the stream which I unfortunately wasn't present for.)

Predseda was very quick with getting the Lemon Amiga page up and running, kudos!
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