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Originally Posted by Prosonic View Post
wish they worked :/
They do with SOME HDDs and SOME DoMs currently, and Jens is working on firmware fix.

Confirmed working:
Seagate, ST34321A, 4.3GB, XY454813, 3.41
Maxtor, 7171AT, D8069HWS, 170MB
WD, D160BB-00GUC0, 160GB,
Seagate, ST3630A - 958004-030, 630MB, CBMSJESB07, 22-22.06-A1
Seagate Barracuda, ST340016A, 40GB, 3HSA5VLW, 3.19
Seagate ST3290A, 260MB,
WD, 64AA, 6448.6MB, WM653 171 2986

(there's a thread on the facebook CommodoreAmiga page about this)
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