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Originally Posted by alkis View Post
Any chance this works?

Melt mode does melting the obhect. when it starts ( frame 5) it starts with skrinking the object by 50%, next it does the melting.
with OOZE mode nothing happens.

i try the peecee version, to get a clue what it should do.
*argh* only sgi binary of the plugin :/

#1) looking at the source and your changes. i guess i now understand what to do in such case.
thanks, another lesson learned

#2) i found somthing:
//Flags function
XCALL_(unsigned int) flags(LWInstance)
        return LWDMF_WORLD;
////return NULL;
i reverted the return value, so now it does a good melt
one initial value seems wrong, lastg value in the gui, is 0.0078, but working value is 1.
in the scene file the last value is 0, i have to look at the value in the src.

--> it is float fObjBounds , it is always handled as float,
but whatever is saved in the scene file (save fucntion),
when opening the gui, it allways says: 0.0078
rather strange.

#3) in the save function, there was/is an "ends as last entry,
this one is nowhere defined in the source,
so i skiped it in my save conversion:
XCALL_(LWError) save(LWInstance inst, const LWSaveState *lwss)
        GOO *defInst = (GOO *)(inst);
                writeInt(lwss, defInst->uStartMelt);
                writeInt(lwss, defInst->uMaxTime);
                writeFloat(lwss, defInst->fObjBounds);
                writeFloat(lwss, defInst->fGroundPlane);
                writeFloat(lwss, defInst->fFlatWidth);
                writeInt(lwss, defInst->tTypeGoo);

        // ostr << defInst->uStartMelt << SPACE << defInst->uMaxTime;
        // ostr << SPACE << defInst->fObjBounds;
        // ostr << SPACE << defInst->fGroundPlane << SPACE << defInst->fFlatWidth << SPACE;
        // ostr << defInst->tTypeGoo << ends;
can we skip "ends" ? it shouldnt matter, since load does not read a value with name "ends",
but i dunno exactly.

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