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Originally Posted by davideo View Post

That's the same version as on Aminet - which is the wrong one
I can indeed confirm this. There is also a game called "The Clue" which is (I think) a similar - albeit possibly commercial(?) - Cluedo clone as the one above, just in case anyone was thinking of that.

There is also "Clue: Master Detective" which is pretty much the same as above.

I don't know how many Cluedo clones I've fired up so far while looking for this game that's less like Cluedo than virtually every one I've tried.

Somehow I figure that the moment anyone can find a clue-like game that doesn't have pieces on a board and is purely text-based, that will probably be it, since I haven't found any text-based ones - only clones with a board and pieces etc.


Just so there's no confusion. The interface of the game shares more in common graphically with this:

than it does with this:

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