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Originally Posted by davideo View Post
Runs fine from CLI once in the Clue directory.
Hmmm, I didn't think to change directory first. I just used the path to the executable file. This indeed worked.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I've managed to get the game to run under Workbench 3.1 (using my ACA500+). Sadly this isn't the game I was thinking of . Perhaps a moderator should move this thread to the relevent "help me find....." area?

I'm pretty sure the game I'm looking for was also called Clue, but was a bit less of a Cluedo clone than the one above. It was a Workbench 1.3 game that ran in a inside WB, rather than on its own board/screen - think white text etc on blue background. It was purely text based as well - no images. While it was somewhat'Cluedo-esque' like the above game and had an ASCII art-ish map of the house etc, there was no 'board' as such or pieces to move. The player would essentially interview the suspects until they had enough information to accuse the potential murderer. I would imagine that this was a public domain game, but as I was a kid the last time I played it (20 odd years ago), PD vs commercial didn't mean much to me at the time.

I've been looking for this game since I bought my new-old amiga, and it has remained illusive among the many Cluedo clones out there.

If anyone can find this game/minigame, or knows anything that might help pinpoint it, I'd be very greatful.

Cheers guys.

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