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there is an old curl release on aminet, including dev files ( curl.h ...)
maybe you can use these files - bit older, less trouble?

i think RedskullDC talks about the constant development of curl, so things may
have changed since last AppleWin version - hence the trouble you see now with latest (?) curl you are using.

#1) i did a search for curl on the AppleWIN github repository, and it cannot be found.
is this the source code you are using?

so the curl dependency is maybe provoked by the AmigaDev++ environment or the ixemul.library??
i'm not really sure, but if so, you may disable curl somehow?

#2) i have no clue about wxDev C++ , but for the crosscompiler there is a -noixemul option, for example:
m68k-amigaos-gcc.exe -m68020 -m68881 -Wall -O3 -noixemul

maybe this will keep you busy until someone post a real solution - ignore if it's of no use at all

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