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Originally Posted by Vollldo View Post
This SE edition was the reason why earok and I opened a few thread recently eh eh ! A few days ago I proposed earok to fix the palette of this one (coded by the same team than Midnight resistance). We were first a bit perplex about the HOL screenshots... Kinda "Where the fuck did they take them ?!", but they were in fact photoshoped. I already tested 2 earok's ADF beta, but your help guys is required to finalize an ADF version.
<sigh> I've already said in this thread (and the other), after loads of testing on my part, there is already a 100% working set.

Why not just patch this; unless of course it's not possible?

Also, A1200 / CD32 users can just use the WHDLoad version... For A500 users it would be good to also have something; if you patch the verified set then this is achieved.

Anyway, totally up to you guys and it's the last thing I'll say on the matter.
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