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The Untouchables Special Edition

This project is finished. Canon URL is:

Old copies have been removed from the zone

I have zoned a Special Edition hack of the Untouchables (WHDLoad only), I'm treating this as abandoned for the reasons outlined at the bottom of the post.

- Palette fix on every level*
- Text has been changed from white/brown to white/grey on the title screen, which is identical to text elsewhere in the game
- Every level except the second one** now has both SFX and Music (one channel from the music has been sacrificed to accommodate this)
- Slight textual tweak
- WHDLoad slave hacked to ignore version check

*This is bit of an oddball one so far as palette fixes go. While Atari ST palette problems are well known on ports (Midnight Resistance, Dragon Spirit After the War and others), this one unusual in that not all colours were in the 0-7 ST range (a handful were at 8 or above), and on top of that the brightened palette doesn't resemble the Atari ST screenshots closely at all. So unlike the other "dark" ports that presumably contained straight copies of the ST palette, it looks like they at least tried to clean it up for Amiga.

Just for the record, several videos and screenshots on the Internet depict a bright version of the game, such as the Hall of Light and IronClaw's video. These were all edited, the screenshots on Lemon Amiga are of the original brightness level.

**All of the levels except for level two have a line of code that prevents SFX from being played on channels that are occupied, which is why I didn't do a similar hack for that level.

The trainer is enabled in the WHDLoad version, so F10 can be used on the title screen to skip levels.

Why it's abandoned: while the changes I wanted to do are essentially complete, the game - even the WHDLoad version - seems to have severe graphics and playability glitches by the time level three rolls around on a decent Amiga. Stock A1200 or CD32 settings on WinUAE seem fine, but once FastRAM or an 030 are added it goes to hell.

On top of that I haven't got a cracked ADF version that appears completeable from start to finish, most seem to crash on the second disk around level five. So as such, I haven't ADF'ed the project.

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