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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
At the risk of being included in the "snobish idiots who dismiss your games purely because of what they're made in" bunch
Not at all. That was a very good and constructive post. I was more referring to the sort of attitude on display in the comments to his Agent Lux video (which admittedly I should have made clear) which is the sort of thing we can well do without. But more posts like yours would be great. I do see your point but I also find myself subscribing to Lielo's "if it's a good game that's what counts" school of thought.

Actually on the subject of Backbone and AMOS I am sure I read a post a while back that Backbone outputs a temporary AMOS source file in RAM when you run the game in the Backbone environment? I guess if you already have a bit of knowledge of AMOS that could possibly prove advantageous.
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