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EAB Annual IRC Gathering 2017?

It's been ten years since the last EAB Xmas IRC Chat, and I know that IRC isn't the "cool" thing to do nowadays, but I and others still use it, and there's a trove of people on the EAB IRC channel constantly although we just ignore it and never talk in it (which spurred my making of this topic just now), so I thought, why not bring back this cute tradition we had every year from 2001 to 2007?

Now traditionally it was held on Christmas time, because I think you can be sure almost everyone will be on holiday then, but we don't necessarily need to stick to those dates, I know a lot of people wouldn't be able to join because of family commitments (I am on that camp myself).

So perhaps we can pick a best date guess of when to do it and hit those text screens for some live banter.

Anyway, discuss, perhaps everyone thinks it's a stupid idea, but I also noticed a lot of people use the Tapatalk "live chat" feature, meaning the "need" for live Amiga conversation is there, just dumbed down on a pocket device. It would be great to have the IRC be more active. Some times people have questions or are troubleshooting something, and the best possible help could come from live chatting with someone over there.

I'm digressing now. I leave the topic to the community.
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