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Originally Posted by Foul View Post
Any way to remove them automatically ?
I thought about it, but decided not to do it, as I'm not sure if such archives should be erased from local disk automatically. For example, I was playing a game, had saved position, and after the update, it is gone (ok, sort of like your games/A/ directory, but that was an error). I'm thinking about moving them to separate directory where non-Retroplay games could reside, that would be administered by user, or I could leave them like this and let the user decide what to do.

I know the reason for removing some of those games were legal issues, but I guess there are people that have a legal copies, it would be wrong to delete them if they keep those copies with all their other games. As for Loom/K240, I couldn't devise a logic that could reliably conclude that there is a newer version of the game with different naming and that others should be erased and that this situation is different than previous (mostly because there are other games that have multiple copies in Retroplay archive).

So, for now, it stays like this. If someone has a good solution for this, I'll gladly implement it. One easy solution is to add an option to erase them that would be False by default, and if you want those games erased, just set the option to True? Or script could ask the user if they should be deleted, but that would be annoying for those who do not want those games erased (I know it would be for me). If you have a suggestion, please tell...
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