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Originally Posted by Kristian95
Ok, I have checked it out some more.... seems that most of the games have working new icons for the game itself, but many games (including some of those with working newicons for the game itself) have that black box folder icon wereas others have normal folder icons. What's the easiest way to replace all folder icons in a folder with a specific folder icon look ??
It seems when you install NewIcons you can force it to change both the desktop icons for your hard drives _and_ the folder icons for any directories on all of your hard drives. When I first installed it I didn't seem to get this option (but I had deselected some of the defaults) - I had to uninstall NewIcons using the uninstaller in the .lha file and then re-install, and it works, although if you've got lots of drawers in a drive/folder the NewIcons can be a bit large for 640x256 TV display.
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