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DamienD, you say that you read through the complete thread, and that Pat needs to think about what he posts. Are you annoyed by what he posts, by how he posts it, or are you just getting swayed by the two trolls bringing their insults into the thread?

If people are mentally constipated to the point where they can't follow someone's reasoning and arguments, then that's not a reason to start insulting and trying to
bully them out of the forum.

The problem is not that Pat is supposedly winding people up, but that certain people are intolerant of others, perhaps because of how they reason, express themselves, their style of writing, or even who they are.

Your response is pretty disappointing coming from a moderator. I think what you should have done is make it clear that it's not OK to attack other users on the forum. If you read the first four posts then it should be pretty clear who is trying to wind up who.
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