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I made a comparison today.

WinUAE: stock A500 configuration with this mod:
- fullscreen native resolution (1920x1080) with 50Hz refresh
- lagless vsynch beamraced (without vsynch it gives me a tearing line, not in the same position of the screen)
- manual 2x scale factor and automatic scale correction
- played ATR with ADFs

Real A1200 with HD and accelerator card (68030 + 16mb fast ram)
- played ATR with WHDload pack

Both connected to the same monitor TV (crappy Samsung), HDMI pc and SCART Amiga

Well besides the different image quality (more crisp and saturated on WinUAE) I didn't noticed differences in terms of scrolling. Fluid gaming (cars movement), slightly jammings for the background.

I suppose the cheap monitor it's responsible for a not (1084) perfect scrolling.

I did a video too but I have a (also) crappy phone so it's useless to upload anything.

Later I re-connected the A1200 with his Commodore 1084DS, and checked the game again. Needless to say that it's the best solution for gaming purposes... but a good monitor maybe with freesynch and a aimed configuration with good setup for filters should be a very close solution.
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