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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
I'm currently using the last official Blizzard 68060 library, BlizKick, HSMATHLIBS (060) and your CopyMemPatch.
The UtilPatch is very easy to try without installing. Just double click the icon to run and it will only last until you reboot. You can also drop in the WBStartup although you won't gain the benefits during boot. The UtilPatch results can vary significantly depending on the numbers being multiplied. Some versions of GCC do call the utility.library often. AmiQuake 2 in no exception but it looked like SMult32() is being called several times (should be an inlined 32x32=32 MULS.L instruction on 68060) for a 64x64=64 (much slower) instead of SMult64() meaning that the UtilPatch should offer no speedup in this case. The AmigaOS libraries do rarely call this function but I did a test using Snoopy (like SnoopDOS) and didn't see a single call during a Q2 run. It should give no speedup then. Running UtilPatch was an easy test to remove one possible reason why oxy would give a speedup on some systems. UtilPatch is not as beneficial as CopyMem because it's used much less. Every once in a while a program will use it repetitively. I recommend using ThoR's Mu 68060.library generally as it makes the patch obsolete. The Mu 68060.library is a little faster than the P5 version if "MuFastZero MOVESSP ON" is in the S:Startup-Sequence. It is more difficult to install though and the directions should be read carefully. The P5 CPU libraries are also good and what I used last.

Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Do you think I would benefit from this Util Patch? Are there any other 060 patches are should be running?
BlizKick and CopyMem are the only patches I use.
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