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Originally Posted by zharn View Post
i would like to get a copy of the original kickwork to see how that works, i know its suppose to make RAD disk.
The one I have isn't a RAD disk.
What it does is that it uses a patched kickstart. As you have a kickstart in ROM, that won't work for you.
But if your 1000 still read the kickstart from floppy, it would load the patched kickstart from floppy. Then, instead of asking for you to insert a boot floppy, it continues to boot off of the same kickwork floppy, loading the IDE driver. When that's done, it transfers control over to the IDE/CF drive and that drive finishes the boot.

Of course, its possible that tomthul has several different versions of the boot disk.
I got mine before he was actually selling them. So I'm not sure that's how all of them work.

A RAD drive would work nicely also, requiring only the initial floppy boot to prep the RAD drive.

Actually, tomthul was working on a battery backed up RAD drive also. So mixing the 2 would give you a bootable IDE drive even surviving power downs. Not sure if he finished the battery backed RAD.

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