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Setup and install? I thought that it was working? It should be just take out the CPU from the motherboard. Plug the CPU into the IDE/RAM board and then plug the lot into the motherboard where the CPU was. Taking care of orientation.

If it works anything like the other IDE adapter it replicates the A600 Gayle IDE registers. That means that you can boot from that device as if it was an A600 HDD using any kickstart which supports booting from IDE (i.e. kickstart 2.05 v37.300 and above).

If you want to install Workbench onto the a CF card from scratch, it would be best to do it on the PC using WinUAE and a USB CF card reader. Then after you have it setup and all your applications installed transfer the card to the Amiga. Take care to set the MAX TRANSFER value correctly (0x1FE00).

There are 100's of guides online about how to do that. Just google.

If the RAM controller supports what is called "Autoconfigure" then it should be plug and play and your extra 4Mbytes of RAM will just show up (when booting from a floppy disk with no CF card attached).

If it doesn't then you may need to run a tool which will tell the OS where the memory is.

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