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I'm fairly disappointed...
I was always under the impression that any support added by WinUAE (or anything that uses the DLL) would allow us to use the raw output given by the CAPS imager.
I was hoping this would be the case....Personally, I wanted to image all of my original disks only for storage purposes, knowing that if ever need be, I could use these images. My intention was always to preserve my disks rather than to distribute...
Now that I know we can only use images provided by CAPS, there's no point IMO. It defies the whole purpose of preservation, because in reality, you can only preserve what the CAPS team releases.
To be honest, I'm hoping the remastering tool(s) you provide will be able to write these Raw images back to disk. If it can't, then I can say that I don't plan on ever using the CAPS tools.

I think you should provide Official CAPS releases in IPF format (as you already plan)....for those that want them, get the TOSEC datfile and download them all to have the Official set.
If this happens, then any raw images floating around are definately UNOFFICIAL. CAPS has no association with them. Noone is forced to download them, but they are still usable images.
Also, using the Raw image format is a definite bonus to the WHDLoad team. Rather than using MFMWarp (or similar) to image the disks, the user can simply image their disks and send them directly to WHDLoad team members who can write the image back to disk and have the disk sitting with them as if it were posted to them.

Don't get me wrong fiath....I've always been a supporter of CAPS and I realise how much effort has been put into this project, but I can't support it as much as I used to.
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